Mackenzie alston

Current Research

PEER-REVIEWED Publications

Alston, M., Eckel, C., Meer, J., and Zhan, W. (2021). High-Capacity Donors’ Preferences for Charitable Giving. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

other publications

Alston, M. (2015). The Effect of Dropping Lowest Test Scores on Learning and Performance. Equilibria, 3(1), 13-18.

Jaeger, D. A., Arellano-Bover, J., Kryzstof, K., Martínez-Matute, Nunley, J. M., Seals, R. A., Alumnia, M., Alston, M., Becker, S. O., Beneito, P., Böheim, R., Boscá, J.E., Brown, J. H., Chang, S., Cobb-Clark, D., Danagoulian, S., Donnally, S., Eckrote-Nordland, M., Farré, L.,..., Zhu, M. (2021). The Global COVID-19 Student Survey: First Wave Results. Covid Economics, 79(1), 152-217.


The (Perceived) Cost of Being Female: An Experimental Investigation of Strategic Responses to Discrimination [Job Market Paper]

The Effect of Stereotypes on Test Scores at a Historically Black University (with William Darity Jr., Catherine Eckel, Lawrence McNeil, and Rhonda Sharpe) [Under Review]

Fired Up?: How Unemployment Affects Worker Motivation and Productivity

Works in Progress

Identity, Stereotype Threat, and Black College Student Success: Evidence from a Longitudinal Survey (with William Darity Jr., Catherine Eckel, Lawrence McNeil, Mark Paul, and Rhonda Sharpe)

Does Black and Blue Matter?: An Experimental Investigation of Race and Perceptions of Police Bias (with Emily Owens)

Study of the Effects of the Social Justice Movement on Faculty (with Sarah Jacobson)